Just another reason why we love it here…

It’s not unusual to see something, well, unusual on the streets of San Francisco, but Sunday morning a 5,000-square-foot Victorian home started moving slowly down Franklin Street. Moving a house isn’t a new concept, but this particular one built in 1880 is the first Victorian home to be moved in over 45 years. Moving to its new resting place on Fulton, the house is being moved to make room for a 47-unit apartment complex.
The Victorian was moved by a remote-control hydraulic dolly, and a crew to remove the occasional parking meter, street light, or trim a tree branch. Passersby gathered in the streets and followed along as if it were part of a parade. No doubt, any bit of excitement is welcomed these days. If you happened to see this in person and snapped some photos, we’d love to see them! We’re just happy to see a beautiful piece of history given a new lease on life.

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