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Curious to know more about our beloved “Baghdad By The Bay”? Do you love a good tale of a robber baron turned socialite, or a yarn about Emperor Norton’s shenanigans? Here are a few (free and cheap!) ways to get hands-on with the *very* colorful history of San Francisco!

Walking Tours

SF City Guides –100% FREE (donations appreciated) Guides train for months before leading these fascinating walking tours. Explore neighborhoods from Marina to the Castro, learn about Market Street’s booms and busts, or revisit the 1906 earthquake and it’s physical and political aftermath.

SF Chinatown Ghost Tours – For something a little edgier with some dark twists…. Check out the highly-rated Haunted History walking tours of Chinatown’s famous secret alleyways.

Explore SF Chinatown

Barbary Coast Trail – One of our team’s “Top 10 Things To Do When Family Visits SF”! Ever wonder about those gold compasses in the sidewalks around downtown?  They’re markers for The Barbary Coast Trail; a walk through Gold Rush history. There are audio tours and guided walking tours, but we’re partial to the good old-fashioned paper map, which you can order online or buy in person at a few select locations. A perfect end-up to the tour is a cocktail at Comstock Saloon (when they open back up).

SF’s Barbary Coast has a Rich History

A Good Read

Bay Lexicon Book – This newly-published book is turning heads. Billed as “A field guide to San Francisco’s shoreline”, it explores cross-sections of our local cultural history, geography, urban ecology and more. On October 6th, City Lights Books hosts a conversation with the author, Jane Wolff.

And you can visit the related Exploratorium Exhibit for a more interactive experience.

Great for Kids

The Bay Model – Have you been here yet? No? What are you waiting for?! This HUGE to-scale model of the entire SF Bay is decidedly retro but also astonishingly cool and one-of-a-kind. However big you’re thinking it is… it’s bigger. You really must see it in person. View the mountains and valleys of the bay floor, and watch the rushing tides come in and out under the Golden Gate Bridge. Bonus history: Rad WW2 memorabilia also resides in the building. Free admission!

Randall Museum – Explore the WAY way back history of our city, with a look underground. Learn about the geologic formations of our famous hills, and what causes our famous seismic activity. The oft-overlooked and locally-treasured Randall Museum is temporarily closed for COVID, but keep an eye on their website for re-opening.

(NOTE: info as of September, 2021)

When we talk to our clients about how rent control might affect their property rights, we usually hear: “Wow, I had no idea!” Here’s some vital info for landlords and potential landlords to consider:

Rent and eviction control in California was multi-layered before COVID, and now is even more complex. One thing for sure: You should understand the rules so you don’t accidentally break them. Your mid- and long-term plans for the property might not be feasible under rent control.

Before turning a property into a rental, or trying to regain possession of a current rental, an attorney consult is essential. Contact us anytime with questions or for an introduction to a seasoned attorney. We’re here to help!

Whether you’re looking to get something or give something, “Buy Nothing Groups” are an elegant and community-minded way to reduce waste. Upcycling is more than just trendy – it’s a way to save the earth and save money at the same time.

During the pandemic we noticed a surging in purging. Being stuck inside made a Marie Kondo life look pretty sweet. And many donation centers are still closed. So what to do with the things you’re no longer using?

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Likely there is someone in your community that would *love* to have those board games you don’t play anymore, the rug that doesn’t match your new sofa, or even the houseplant that’s wilting in that shady corner of the house. You post it, a neighbor picks it up and re-homes it. It’s win-win for days.

If you’re freshening up your home’s look or even doing a big renovation, you can find surprisingly quality items online. For FREE. In the past year, members of our team have scored a washer/dryer, light fixtures, cabinet pulls, and more. Instead of heading to the landfill, these items now have years of useful life ahead of them.

The “free” section on Craigslist is the OG, but Buy Nothing groups have taken this “one man’s trash…” idea to the next level. Click here for more info on how to find and join your local Buy Nothing group, in San Francisco or elsewhere.

Soon you’ll be able to check out the photos of our team’s very own “Buy Nothing” kitchen renovation! It is currently underway, and is being done with as many upcycled products as we can find. To see the pics and the progress, follow us on Instagram @pacificedgesf.

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